What is the legal age for obtaining a driver's license in India?

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here are the legal age requirements for obtaining a driver's license in India: For a learner's license for a non-geared vehicle (e.g., a scooter with an engine capacity less than 50cc): The minimum age is 16 years. Learner's licenses are typically issued for a period, during which the applicant can practice driving under certain restrictions. After gaining sufficient experience, they can apply for a full-fledged driving license. For a learner's license for a geared two-wheeler (e.g., a motorcycle or scooter with an engine capacity more than 50cc) and a light motor vehicle (e.g., a car): The minimum age is 18 years. Learner's licenses for these vehicles are also issued for practice, and individuals must complete a minimum period of practice before applying for a full driving license. For a commercial vehicle license: The minimum age is 20 years. This applies to those who wish to drive commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, or taxis. Commercial vehicle licenses have additional requirements and tests to ensure that the applicant is qualified to operate such vehicles.

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