What is the punishment for match-fixing in sports in India?

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match-fixing and related offenses in sports in India are primarily addressed by various sports governing bodies and organizations, and there are no specific laws in India that directly criminalize match-fixing. Instead, the focus has been on internal regulations, codes of conduct, and disciplinary actions implemented by sports organizations. For example: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI): BCCI, the governing body for cricket in India, has its own anti-corruption code and regulations. It includes provisions addressing corruption, including match-fixing, and outlines disciplinary actions that can be taken against individuals found guilty of such offenses. International Cricket Council (ICC): The ICC, the global governing body for cricket, has its Anti-Corruption Code for Participants. It includes provisions related to offenses such as match-fixing and spot-fixing, and the ICC can impose sanctions, including suspensions and fines, on individuals found guilty. Other Sports Organizations: Similar anti-corruption and integrity codes exist in various sports organizations to address issues of match-fixing and related offenses. These codes may include provisions for investigations, hearings, and penalties for individuals involved in such activities. It's important to note that while match-fixing is not specifically addressed as a criminal offense under Indian law, the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, and other laws could be applicable if there is evidence of corruption, bribery, or fraudulent activities related to match-fixing. Laws and regulations related to sports integrity can evolve, and new measures may be implemented. For the most current and specific information on the punishment for match-fixing in sports in India, it is advisable to refer to the latest codes of conduct and regulations of the relevant sports organizations or consult with legal professionals knowledgeable about sports law in India.

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