What is the procedure for court marriage in India?

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The procedure for court marriage in India is as follows: Notice of intention: Both parties must give notice of intention to marry to the marriage officer in the prescribed format at least 30 days prior to the date of marriage. The notice should be signed by both parties and the witnesses, and should contain details such as name, age, address, occupation, marital status, and the intended place of marriage. Verification of documents: The marriage officer will verify the documents provided by both parties and the witnesses. If the documents are found to be in order, the marriage officer will fix a date for the marriage. Marriage solemnization: On the date of marriage, both parties and the witnesses must appear before the marriage officer in the court. The marriage officer will read out the declaration of marriage, and both parties must affirm that they are marrying each other voluntarily and without any coercion or undue influence. Signing of marriage certificate: Both parties, the witnesses, and the marriage officer must sign the marriage certificate in the prescribed format. The marriage certificate will be registered by the marriage officer, and a copy of the same will be given to both parties. Issuance of marriage certificate: The marriage officer will issue a certified copy of the marriage certificate after registration. It is important to note that the procedure for court marriage may vary slightly depending on the state and the personal laws applicable to the parties. Additionally, some states may also require additional documents or procedures, such as a medical certificate or a police verification. It is advisable to check with the local marriage registrar or lawyer to understand the exact procedure for court marriage in a particular state.

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