what action is taken on threat call when complaint is done in police

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When a complaint about a threat call is made to the police, the police are required to take prompt action to investigate the matter and ensure the safety of the person who received the threat. The specific actions taken by the police would depend on the nature of the threat and the circumstances surrounding the incident. Typically, the police will record the details of the complaint, including the identity of the person who received the threat, the nature of the threat, and any other relevant information. The police may also conduct an initial investigation to gather more information about the incident and assess the level of risk involved. If the police deem the threat to be credible and the person who received the threat is in imminent danger, they may take immediate action to provide protection, such as placing the person under police protection or providing a security detail. The police may also initiate a formal investigation into the matter, which may involve questioning the person who made the threat, gathering evidence, and filing a case under the relevant provisions of the law. Under the Indian Penal Code, making a threat with the intention to cause alarm or fear in someone is a criminal offense punishable with imprisonment and/or a fine. Therefore, if the investigation finds that a criminal offense has been committed, the police may arrest the person responsible and file charges against them. It is important to note that the police have a duty to take all threats seriously and to ensure the safety of the person who received the threat. If you receive a threat call, it is important to report it to the police as soon as possible.

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