I am trying to buy a property. after applying for a loan, before disbursement, the bank is asking for a signed blank cheque with no date for them to fill later. I u understand they are asking it a collateral but can I refuse to give it?

Answer By law4u team

The bank may be asking for a signed blank cheque as a security measure to ensure that they have a way to recover the loan amount in case of default by the borrower. However, as a borrower, you have the right to refuse to give a signed blank cheque. It is not a legal requirement to provide a signed blank cheque to the bank, and it is up to the borrower's discretion to provide it. Instead of a signed blank cheque, you could offer alternative forms of collateral to the bank, such as a property or other valuable assets, which can be used to secure the loan. Additionally, you could consider negotiating with the bank and asking them if they can accept any other form of security, such as a fixed deposit or a bond, in lieu of a signed blank cheque. It is essential to read the loan agreement carefully and understand the terms and conditions before signing it. If you are unsure about any clause in the agreement, you can consult a legal professional for guidance.

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