in which act given provision of pocso act?

Answer By law4u team

The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012 is an Indian law that was enacted to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation. The provisions of the POCSO Act are specifically aimed at protecting children below the age of 18 years from various forms of sexual abuse and harassment. The POCSO Act has several provisions that provide protection to children from sexual offences, including provisions for reporting and recording of such offences, establishment of special courts for the trial of such offences, and punishment for offenders. The Act also provides for the appointment of Protection Officers to provide assistance to child victims and to ensure their welfare. The POCSO Act was passed by the Indian Parliament on June 19, 2012, and it came into force on November 14, 2012. It amends the Indian Penal Code, the Indian Evidence Act, and the Code of Criminal Procedure, to provide for more stringent punishment for sexual offences against children and to make the legal process more child-friendly.

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