Can the AFT grant interim relief to a petitioner?

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Yes, the Alternative Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Act (ADRAA) allows an Arbitration Tribunal to grant interim relief to a petitioner. This means that a party who has filed a petition for arbitration can request the tribunal to grant some immediate relief before the final award is issued. Interim relief can be in the form of an order to maintain the status quo, to preserve assets or evidence, or to prevent one party from taking certain actions. The tribunal can also order one party to provide security for costs, or to pay an advance on the costs of the arbitration. The AFT (Armed Forces Tribunal) also has the power to grant interim relief to a petitioner under certain circumstances. For example, if a military personnel has been dismissed from service and has filed a petition challenging the dismissal, the AFT may grant interim relief by directing the military to reinstate the petitioner pending the final decision of the case. In both cases, the granting of interim relief is subject to certain conditions and requirements, and the tribunal has discretion to decide whether or not to grant such relief based on the circumstances of the case.

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