can immovable property registered under Book 4 ?

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In India, the concept of "Book 4" might not be directly related to property registration. Property registration in India is governed by the Registration Act, 1908, and the property is registered under the relevant sub-district, district, or sub-registrar's office. The registration process involves the transfer of property title from one person to another, and it provides legal recognition to the ownership of the property. The registration process typically includes: Preparation of Documents: The buyer and seller need to prepare the necessary documents for property transfer, including the sale deed. Stamp Duty Payment: The sale deed needs to be stamped as per the Stamp Act of the relevant state. Stamp duty varies from state to state and is based on the property's value. Registration: The parties involved need to visit the sub-registrar's office to get the sale deed registered. Both parties should be present, along with witnesses. Verification and Documentation: The registrar verifies the documents and identity of the parties. The sale deed is then registered, and a registration number is assigned. Mutation and Updating Records: After registration, the property's ownership details are updated in the local land records (often referred to as the "mutation process"). Possession: Once the registration is complete, possession of the property can be handed over to the buyer. It's important to note that property registration laws can vary from state to state in India. The process and the specific forms or documents required might differ based on local laws and practices. If you're seeking information about property registration under a specific concept like "Book 4," I recommend consulting a legal professional who is well-versed in property laws in your particular state or jurisdiction. They can provide accurate and relevant information based on the laws applicable to your situation.

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