what are rules for live in relationship in India

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Live-in relationships in India are not legally recognized as marriages. However, the Supreme Court of India has given a legal recognition to live-in relationships as a valid form of relationship between two consenting adults. Here are some guidelines and rules for live-in relationships in India: The couple should be of legal age and must consent to the relationship. The couple should live together for a reasonable period of time to be considered in a live-in relationship. The couple should share a relationship similar to marriage, including emotional support, financial support, and companionship. The couple should not be related by blood, and should not be married to other people. The couple should have a mutual understanding regarding the nature of their relationship, their responsibilities, and their rights. The couple can enter into a cohabitation agreement to outline the terms and conditions of their relationship, such as property ownership, financial responsibilities, and child custody, if any. It is important to note that live-in relationships in India do not have legal recognition as marriages, and therefore, the couple may not have the same legal rights and protections as married couples. It is advisable to seek legal advice before entering into a live-in relationship in India.

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