if a mother has 4 daughters which three are married and one is unmarried. And Mother wants to give equal property to her daughters. But the unmarried daughter wants Half of the property means she don't want the fourth part of it. So Is there any law that the unmarried daughter can ask for half of the property.

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In India, the Hindu Succession Act, 1956 governs the distribution of property among family members in case of intestate succession (when someone dies without leaving a will). Under this law, if a mother dies without a will, her property will be divided equally among all her legal heirs, including her daughters. So in your scenario, if the mother dies without leaving a will, all four daughters will have an equal right to their mother's property, including the unmarried daughter. The unmarried daughter cannot ask for half of the property, as she is entitled to an equal share under the law. However, if the mother has a will, she can distribute her property among her daughters as per her wishes, subject to certain legal restrictions. For example, she cannot discriminate between her daughters on the basis of their marital status or gender. If the will is challenged in court, the court will decide whether the distribution of property is fair and legal. It's important to note that property disputes can be complex and contentious, and it's always best to consult with a local lawyer who specializes in property law to understand your rights and options.

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