my neighbour doesn't give us enough space for road

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If your neighbor is not giving you enough space for the road, you may have a legal recourse under the law. The relevant provisions would depend on the specific circumstances and the location of the road. One option is to file a complaint with the local municipal authorities, as they are responsible for maintaining public roads and ensuring that they are safe for public use. You can also check if there are any local bylaws or regulations that require property owners to maintain a certain distance from the road. If the issue is not resolved through the municipal authorities, you can also seek legal advice from a lawyer. The lawyer can advise you on the relevant provisions of the law and help you take appropriate legal action against your neighbor, if necessary. Under Section 268 of the Indian Penal Code, any person who commits a public nuisance that causes annoyance to the public or any section of the public is punishable with a fine. This may be applicable if your neighbor's actions are causing a public nuisance by obstructing the road. You can also explore civil remedies, such as filing a suit for injunctive relief or damages, depending on the specific facts of your case.

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