how many type of case and court in india like criminal civil nd more

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Civil Cases: Civil cases are disputes between individuals, organizations or companies. These cases can include issues related to property, contracts, disputes between tenants and landlords, inheritance, and family matters such as divorce and child custody. The civil cases are tried in civil courts which can be categorized as follows: a. District Courts b. High Courts c. Supreme Court of India Criminal Cases: Criminal cases are cases in which an individual or organization is accused of committing a crime. These cases can include murder, theft, fraud, rape, and other criminal offenses. The criminal cases are tried in criminal courts which can be categorized as follows: a. Magistrate Courts b. Sessions Courts c. High Courts d. Supreme Court of India Family Courts: Family courts deal with matters such as divorce, child custody, maintenance, and adoption. Labour Courts: Labour courts handle cases related to labour and employment issues such as disputes between employees and employers, wage disputes, and other related matters. Consumer Courts: Consumer courts handle cases related to consumer disputes such as defective goods or services, overcharging, and other related matters. Revenue Courts: Revenue courts deal with land-related disputes such as land acquisition, land revenue, and related matters. Tribunals: Tribunals are specialized courts that handle specific types of cases such as income tax, customs, excise, and other related matters. It is important to note that each state in India may have its own set of courts and legal procedures, in addition to the courts and procedures established by the central government.

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