our Constitution givén right to all people equally justice according to Indian Constitution but why it is not in action in some states?

Answer By law4u team

The Indian Constitution does indeed guarantee equal rights to all citizens, including the right to justice. However, the implementation of these rights can vary across different states, depending on a range of factors such as the effectiveness of the legal system, socio-economic disparities, and political factors. Some states may face challenges in implementing these rights due to inadequate resources or infrastructure, which can hinder the functioning of the legal system. Additionally, there may be biases or discriminatory practices in some states, leading to unequal access to justice for certain communities. It is the responsibility of the government, judiciary, and civil society to ensure that these constitutional rights are upheld and implemented in practice, and to address any instances of injustice or discrimination. This can involve measures such as improving the functioning of the legal system, raising awareness of citizens' rights, and ensuring equal access to justice for all, regardless of their background or social status.

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